Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 18

Our last day in Tassie, so we had a big sleep in (of course – we had been on the go for weeks, it was catching up with us), we then drove down the coast to Coles Beach (as opposed to Coles Bay – very different, and a little confusing with names so similar). We enjoyed a lovely walk on the beach and investigated the rockpools and driftwood, always a fantastic way to spend the morning. Stopped at Aitkenhead Spit and then had very average Fish and Chips at reportedly the Best Fish’n’Chips in Tasmania, boy were they wrong!

We continued down the coast a little to Lillico, where there is a Little Penguin Conservation Area, we have seen Little Penguins before at Phillip Island, but this was much less commercialised. Sadly for us, the breeding season has ended and they have all gone out to sea, so we never got to see any (not that we would have seen them during the day). It was interesting to see their habitat and where they come ashore, and their cute little breeding boxes, there was even a little ladder of sorts for them to climb up off the sand.

We then headed even further along the coast to a little town called Penguin! Where they had a large penguin statue, all dressed in army greens, I am assuming a left over from ANZAC Day the week before? Not quite sure why it is called Penguin, when the penguins come ashore a little further along the coast, perhaps when it was settled in the 1800s there were more penguins in that region back then? Now it is a town there are too many people? We also stopped back in at Mersey Bluff for a little more exploration.

Sadly we drove back to Devonport, we stopped visited this totally amazing Antiques Emporium, which had the most enormous camera collection I have ever seen and level after level, and room after room of bric-a-brac, we spent quite a bit of time there and could have easily spent more (and spent more money too! But I was very good I only bought a few props), we stopped at a local cafe for one last Latte before queuing up to board The Spirit II ferry for our long overnight journey home. We had booked a cabin for this return trip and we hoped it was calmer than are initial crossing. We spent the evening chatting and reading and took a few last photos of Devonport in the evening light.

~ Julz

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