Share Your World – 5th June 2018

Another week and another Share Your World from Cee

A piece of clothing from your younger childhood you still remember? From my younger childhood? Nothing really clothes were unimportant I guess. I remember my Mum sewed a lot of our clothes, but I cannot really remember anything of note. When I became a rebellious teen, I wanted to ‘fit’ in so name brand became important. I remember I really wanted a pair of Peaches jeans, I begged and begged and finally got some. Then there was Bluegrass (I think) brand and a few others brands, but not like today. In my early twenties, we flew to Hawaii, I bought my first ever Reeboks and Raybans…they were so expensive back in Australia in the 80s. These days I am more interested in comfort than labels.

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility: If you could be an athlete what would you do?   Remember this is SYW, dreaming is always allowed. I am not really into sports, so it would be nothing regular like football or whatever. I loved the gracefulness and beauty of ice-skating, diving, equestrian (all of which I did when I was young fit and able), I also loved the dance-like movements of Tai Kwon Do, not so much the fighting, but the movements and stances.  I used to partake and earned up to BlueBelt before destroying my knee and giving up.

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger? Definitely a passenger, I am not the most confident driver and panic if I think I am getting lost (yes even with GPS, but it does help me a lot). When we go exploring Moth pretty much does all the driving. He enjoys it (I do not, not really) and is more comfortable when he his driving. If I am driving he tends to criticize my driving, which in turn make me even more nervous and then prone to silly mistakes – it’s a vicious cycle. So easier when he drives. If I am out with friends, I will offer to drive if it’s local, but apart from that I will happily pay for parking, drinks whatever if they drive. Most of my friends are OK with that.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 


Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun – Mary Lou Cook.

I adore this quote and it is so true. The ability to allow yourself the freedom to learn and grow is a marvellous gift and should be given often and with love.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz