In the Studio – Beauty and The Beast Pt 2

Jess had bought herself a Belle dress and really wanted to do a Disney Princess inspired studio session. Micaela joined us for the hair and make-up, so the team was back together again. We did have a little trouble with our Beast, after a few failed attempts with male models, Moth got roped into it.  My biggest problem was the mask I had was awful…so I ended up having to rely on my Photoshop skills for the most part. Sadly after several weeks, I have deemed the Beast shots a disaster, I am not happy with them at all 😦

Once we got a few shots under our belt, Moth left us to it and we continued on with various ideas, trying to bring in some storyline and characters from the book/movies. We were just enjoying the afternoon and playing, I was trying to get some movement in the dress and had Jess dancing all over the studio (getting quite dizzy) and lots of real genuine smiles and laughter was captured in the photos.

We also ventured up to the local park, I put these images in a separate post, you can see that here. Jess eventually wants to dress up and play ALL the Disney Princesses, not sure if they will all be with me or with other photographers too.

~ Julz