Mondays Musings…

I love a long weekend, today is Queens Birthday weekend, not our current Queen, but one long since gone, silly…but I will take the public holiday.

On Friday I had a totally awesome shoot with Gemma from Tricksie Pixies fame and The Great Gatsby, as our theme. I am really enjoying some more epic cinematic shoots I have been doing of late, finding my grove as it were. I love being able to try out new concepts, and just see what works, Hubby even came in to lend a hand for a few shots of epic hair blowing, poor guy I kept getting him with the smoke machine

Behind the Scene shot
Final edit

I managed to sneak in a little Still Life action on Friday while waiting for Gemma

I also created an awesome (well I think it is) promo video for The Studio, using an app on my phone to create old world film look video and edited it in Animoto with some stills. It is currently pinned to my Facebook page, and of course on my Website and YouTube Channel. What do you think?

I love how accessible all the technology is making things, even something like a simple promo video. I used to wish I could afford a Videographer, now I am trying more and more to do it all myself. OK so no Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino, but hopefully with practice, great editing software helps too, I used Animoto for this, I have been using ProShowWebb for some of the photos, but Animoto is really cool.

Saturday I spent all day catching up on housework and edits…housework is far more boring than the edits, but sitting at the PC for hours on hours is not great, even if I do enjoy the work, so you have to mix it up a little.

Sunday was more of the same, although to get really exciting we did food shopping and went to Bunnings (Home Depot type thing) to buy a new canvas and LOTS of blackboard paint for a new backdrop for the studio. Hopefully get that painted in the next few days…had to wash it first, BG canvas drop sheet (3.6 x 2.6m) thankfully I have a large washing machine πŸ™‚

Monday…well I am not sure what today holds, possibly more of the same, the days are so short, and once it gets cold and dark I am often on the couch…I am slipping back into old habits and need to get out more. But I am fairly sure while you are reading this I am in bed with a cuppa.

I hope you have an awesome week…

~ Julz