Tuesday’s Textures…

They often tell me I am Brave and Creative and Imaginative, and perhaps I am. But I often just see myself as inquisitive,  but shy and scared.

“Fear is the Dream Killer” – Seth Godin 

This is so true, there were times when I did not do something because I feared people would ridicule me, laugh at me, be disgusted by me. The truth is, that is all in my own mind, my own stories, other people have never said or done any of that to me or my art. OK, sometimes they are a little confused, but never disgusted or angry and no one ever makes fun of my art, perhaps the lengths to go to do it but never the finished product.

JuliePowell_Jayde FAN-38
Stepping forward into the Unknown

This shot was a complete failure on so many levels, but I adore it, it is strong and soft and feminine all at the same time. There is mystery and intrigue…yet it is still for all intensive purposes an epic failure. Why? Because the original concept had a fog of dry ice coming up from the ground…my first problem we could not really fan the fog up enough (even with two assistants that day). Also, as I had so many boards in place and two assistants it was difficult to get everything in the right place, and I felt that the lighting was not brilliant, her foot disappears off screen and does not actually look like she is about to step out of the picture, the model herself is to seated and does not look like she is about to step out of frame, my direction – my problem. But for all the issues, I love the final image. I knew when I captured it in the camera that I loved it, there is something almost serene about the image, the model is perfectly at ease, the colours radiating a sense of melancholy and the lighting has a very old world Masters feel to it.

It’s all a bit like this post, this is not what I set out to write, I wanted to write a story that goes with the image, but this is what my Muse gave me to work with. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow…the story? Perhaps you could make your own up?

~ Julz, xo