In the Studio – Introducing Zed Archibald

I had a call from one of my makeup artists’ Ally “Julz, you need to meet this kid Zed, he’s cool and I think he’ll be really cool to work with, he’s just started to get into modelling”. So I am like “send me his pic and some ideas and let’s see what works”. Zed (his real name – how cool) sparked my interest, as a favourite character from a beloved book is called Zed, a mage and a wizard and an all-around kook, but a really nice guy. Then once I saw his piercings, long red hair (partially shaved) head, and Goth stylings, I knew I had to do something with this guy. Ally had come up with a cool, creepy skeleton dude, her makeup skills on this session were truly excellent, and it all started to come together.

We started with some basic shots and expanded from there. When I have never worked with someone before, it is often difficult to gauge their skills and reactions to various ideas I have. Also, I have not worked with many male models, and having this much makeup meant facial expressions were mostly irrelevant 🙂

So we went a little creepy on this one, but lots of fun and a few laughs. We also got to play with some experimental creative stuff too. I have several names on this one but have not settled on any The Skeleton Dude or Guy (Ally calls him the Skeleton Prince), The Fourth Horseman (He just comes across as Death from the Apocolypse), the Raggedy Man. Actually, it would be really kind of cool to do a Creepy Scarecrow similar to this!

This last one is my absolute favourite, it just looks so epic…

~ Julz