Fridays Flowers

Sadly no fresh flowers, I would have bought some, but this shoot was on the fly, while waiting for a client and I had to use my collection of dried flowers, still so pretty.

JuliePowell_Hydrangea & Lamp

JuliePowell_Hydrangea & Lamp-6
No not blurry, experimenting with holding chiffon over the edge of the lens


I had this lovely new backdrop I had not had a chance to play with as yet, it’s part of a roll of wallpaper, it’s a great idea to buy a roll and split it between friends, A) nobody needs 10-12m of the stuff and B) it is more cost effective if you all chip in. We got a 10m roll and got 2m each at $4.00 per meter (It is really good quality one) of course cheaper ones are cheaper.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing weekend…

~ Julz, xo