Regular Random – Kitchen Kitcsh

I have owned these two tiny American Folk Art Angels for many, many years. I have never photographed them before, but I was tidying up in the kitchen and moved them to put something away, I picked them up and looked at them, so sweet, so kitsch, surely they deserved their 5 minutes of fame?

I moved them and took a for more πŸ™‚Β  actually I grabbed a few things from the kitchen and did a little mini Still Life session in the studio…it has been way too long.

I love just posing, moving, adjusting a little more, take a few photos and adjust a wee bit more, it is very therapeutic, a type of mediation in a way.

I enjoyed this so much, I went and found some other Kitschy items and settled in for some serious Me Time, long overdue I say.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend…

~ Julz, xo