Tuesday Textures – Art of Tasmania

After I finally got through a quick edit of most of the photos from our trip to Tasmania, I went back and re-edited a few images, giving a more painterly feel and in the case of Bridestowe, adding some lavender, which was sadly missing when we visited.

JuliePowell_Bridestowe Revisted
Bridestowe Revisited

I really wanted the keep the warmth and sunshine, that we experienced in Richmond, with the lovely Autumn blue skies and fluffy white clouds. It was a picture-perfect day with fantastic Autumn colour, the views laid before me, belonged in an Artbook and I wanted to recreate what I felt.

Richmond Vineyard
Richmond Cottage
Richmond Bridge

I love photographing these images and turning them into soft landscapes which captures the essence of what I felt during my trip. It is probably the only time I do this sort of art.

~ Julz, xo