Mondays Musings…

Last week was such a busy week, I did a Vampire inspired Couples Shoot with Jess and a new model Dragon Night – now there is an interesting character, I will fill you in on that soon. It was a mid-week evening shoot, which I normally don’t do, but with so many creatives and work schedules, it was the only time we could manage. I can’t wait to show you the final images, I really feel like my work has kicked up another notch of late, I adore how these images turned out – here is a little teaser

The on Friday afternoon I did another shoot with Gemma, a last minute thing. We had been planning this shoot for a few weeks and were just waiting for costumes to arrive, before setting a date. We both then decided that Friday afternoon worked for both of us in a really busy schedule, so we just jumped at it. The Red Queen, the warrior woman with flames…WOW! Talk about the high-intensity impact. Moth joined us in the studio for this one. I am yet to edit all the images, but here is just a lovely portrait I took of Gemma before the fun began.

JuliePowell_The Red Queen

On Saturday we decided we needed to get out and about, one of our photography groups had arranged a sunset shoot at Pink Cliffs in Heathcote, Country Victoria and we decided to make a full day of it. We also took along another photographer as well.

I also got my beloved Sony camera back from repairs on Friday evening, so this was going to be it’s first run out. I had actually decided to use the 18-200mm crop sensor lens…I must say I am back to being a little disappointed with it again. It probably didn’t help that everything was a little dull and grey.

We visited The Organ Pipes National Park, something none of us had been to before. Quite a walk, not too far, but very steep (my calves are still quite sore!). We then went to Trentham Waterfall, not as much water flowing as last time, even though we have had some rain. We stopped in Woodend for Fish and Chips and very historic landmarks, Tooboorac for some giant boulders, finally off to Heathcote, was the light was so flat there were virtually no shadows and the rocks looked much more salmon pink than when we saw them last time in the bright sunshine.

We met up with a few other Togs and then wandered amongst this weird alien-like landscape. The cloud closed in and sunset and possible astrophotography were ruled out. Some stayed on anyway and had night time fun with light painting in the near freezing conditions, but we opted to head home, it was a long drive.

Sunday was spent doing the usual boring household chores, a bit of editing and just hanging around the house. This week I have a few busy days of editing ahead of me, then I have another Digital Artist and Photographer friend coming to Melbourne to stay with us for the weekend, I have a workshop on Saturday with Jess, so lots of planning has been involved with that. It should be fun.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo