Tech Talk – Voking Macro Light Ring

So I made a few posts recently mentioning that we had purchased a macro light ring, the one we purchased was from Voking for Nikon cameras (LED MACRO RING LITE VK-110), it comes with variously sized adjustment (step up) rings which screw into the lens to hold the actual ring light, they will fit from 52mm – 77mm (just about every lens I have apart from the Sigma 10mm Wide). This is connected to the main flash unit which connects to the camera’s hot shoe. In the image below it is on a Tamron 90mm Macro Lens.


It is a little large and cumbersome, but it is quite easy to use and is very adjustable, trying to use it all handheld is a little awkward, but on a tripod, it was so much easier. It is easy to dial the strength of the flash up and down and has a modelling light to focus with. Great for natural looking light and quite fast, used with the low-speed continuous shoot I got approx 5 frames per second before the flash needed to recharge. The last shot was frequently dark, so I guess you could easily say 3-4 good shots in a burst. One-off shots, fired perfectly every time, it runs via the TTL flash set up on your camera. See below videos

The only problem I found was occasionally it did not fire on continuous burst mode, not sure if the issue was the camera, the flash or the operator 🙂

It also comes in a version for Canon, but I do not know about other brands. It cost approx AUD$200.00, I believe that there are slightly cheaper versions out there but this one was getting quite good reviews, and we are quite happy with it.

Sample Images

I am yet to try it out with portraits, but I believe on location it could be a very handy thing to have. There is also a version of a light ring on a stand, which you actually shoot through which could be ideal for still life ( I have used a version of that on The Addams Family shoot), but I believe it requires power and not batteries. I am yet to try myself, but the modelling light might be OK as lighting for personal videos and such as well. On some of the bigger lighting rigs, you can change the light from warm to cool, natural to white, sadly on this one you get what you get, but it seems a fairly natural light.

~ Julz