In the Studio – Product Photography, Inekune Creations

I would like to introduce you to Inekune Creations. Visit their Instagram Page for more of their cool product. They create Custom Airbrushed Ears and Tails for Cosplayers, Furries, Petplay Enthusiasts (and Everybody in Between).

I was recently asked to photograph some of their cute new product range, I had Jess in the Studio for another shoot, so it was the perfect time to get creative (and a little cute). Darker than they normally use for their Product Photos, next time we can go a little pastel, but I was not given much notice, and they were very happy to go with the darker look for these ears.

JuliePowell_Inekune CreationsJuliePowell_Inekune Creations-6

They were very happy with their images and hopefully, we can work together in the future.

~ Julz