Monday Musings…

I have been hiding out in a creative bubble since Friday Morning and have only just surfaced for air last night, it was wonderful. A photographer and Digital Artist Friend came to Melbourne and stayed with me for the weekend. I have known this lady through shared artistic endeavours for nearly 30 years, but we have not really connected like we did this weekend, a shared bond of creative talent, sense of humour, family life and artistic endeavours now cemented in a further lifetime of friendship after this weekend.

She claimed (only half-jokingly) she was doing a Julie Powell Masterclass, on Friday we chatted and did Still Life photography, as a gift she brought me the antlers and pretty floral teacup;

Friday evening we cooked dinner and chatted and then spent the night on the PC going through websites, marketing, inspiration, ideas and more. I went to bed with so many ideas.

Saturday morning I took her to some of my favourite Prop Shops and she bought so many new things for her studio. Saturday morning we shot dark Still Life.

Jess arrived at Midday and we set up for the days’ workshop and did a quick run through before the participants arrived, this was my Carnival of Darkness Conceptual Portraits, a truly fabulous day and so many great images coming from everyone.


Saturday evening, we played Cards Against Humanity with my family and talked and laughed until quite late.

Sunday Morning we spent more time over coffee, chatting and brainstorming and then finally I packed her off, with a car full of gifts and her purchases and sent her to Ikea for more shopping and a safe trip home.

Meanwhile, my BFF came home after 9 weeks in Europe (plus the 3 weeks we were in Tassie), so after 3 months it was time to have a big long catch up. Sadly our time went far to quick, but now we are both staying at home for a little while, we both have plenty of time to get back into our normal routine.

So I guess I am back from my creative bubble and back to work, so many images to go through and lots to share, I hope you have a fabulous week…

~ Julz