Why do I create?

What is it to be Consumed by One’s passion? Why do we do what we do, is there a tangible Why for everyone? I was asked recently WHY I do what I do, HOW I do what I do, and to put into words exactly WHAT it is that I do, and I don’t mean I do it because I enjoy it…that’s a cop out!Β Take a few minutes and think about the answers, I mean REALLY think about them.

I guess my WHY is that I enjoy the process sure, but I enjoy grasping at intangible thoughts and whispers of ideas and turning them into stories. The thrill I get when I take something from nothing, a mere photo, or selection of photos and turn it into something else entirely. I enjoy watching peoples reaction to my art, some love and some hate, both are good as they are strong passionate reactions.Β  I enjoy the rush of adrenalin when I take a photo or create a piece of art and think “SHIT! I did that!” – and it still happens, I hope THAT part never stops. I enjoy the learning of new ideas and concepts and techniques. I love pushing myself and my art further. I have always been creative and artistic but was always of the belief I was never quite good enough, or if I wasn’t making money from it I was a failure. It took such a long time to learn that this just isn’t true. I guess my WHY is also teaching people this truth if you feel the need to create – then do it. Otherwise, your Soul will forever feel unfulfilled.

Red Queen - Consumed_Colour
Consumed by Passion

HOW? I take photos that often tell a story, or I use otherwise boring images to help tell a story; a garden gate, a forest path, a simple butterfly. I use my mouse and tablet to paint, as an artist would use a brush or a sculptor would mould clay, through layers and magic I bring forth my imagination into the light. As I build my collection I build a following, people who are like-minded and want to collaborate with me to help me bring my creations to life, through their skill set, their creativity, as a combined will to bring even more fanciful and elaborate art to life.

WHAT? Using my camera to capture the essence of my story the tangible bits and bobs that make up various elements, then using my PC I turn them into stories and art, I create wonderlands of creativity and imagination. I tell stories, I create fantasy realms and images that never existed. I can go out and take a landscape photo, so can anyone with a camera, but it is still just a beautiful landscape (don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with landscape photography – I adore THAT too), but what I create is not something that can be captured by just anyone who stood in the same spot and time as me. I create with my soul and my passion.

So I guess that is the WHY, HOW and WHAT of my passion…what is yours?

~ Julz, xo