In the Studio – The Red Queen

When I worked with Gemma on the Great Gatsby shoot, we discussed another collaboration for an idea I had, that would involve some of Gemma’s Fire Twirler/Breather talents. I had ordered the costume and had been waiting for it to arrive, before setting a date. The items came quite quickly and when I contacted Gemma, she was quite keen to organise this quickly – as was I. Moth joined us for this shoot as well.

My studio is not overly large so working with naked flames required some skill and diligence. The large flaming sword she uses in her act had to be lit outside and burned off significantly before bringing it into the studio, hopefully, we didn’t scare the neighbours too much.

My inspiration for this shoot was the Red Queen an image I saw on Pinterest, a warrior woman, part evil queen from Snow White, throw in a few other villains, but also something else. I like my heroines to be kickass, not some weak girly thing. Woman are beautiful and strong and capable, I like to reflect that, as well as my love of villains šŸ™‚ So elegant, and timeless, the added flames and fire breather, just added that extra kick to it…and it was really cool!

I feel that in these images Gemma looks so regal, so graceful, she really was perfect for the part. I love being able to collaborate with other creatives and to see an image brought into being. Thank you to my Pyro Princess! We have more things planned for a little later in the year, I’ll keep you posted.

~ Julz