Fabulous Friday – I’ve Leeked

No, I did not spell it wrong, I have in fact leeked, well deconstructed a leek in any case. Oh, the things we do for art…JuliePowell_Deconstructed Leek

This was actually a little harder than I anticipated, this is not several leeks on the same perspex,  it is one leek in different stages of deconstruction. Desley and I have done it before with flowers, and of course, cut fruit (citrus and such) but I had not attempted something like this before.

Such an interesting (and smelly) experiment, I am not a fan of leek as a food item, this did not help the case much either.

What have you chopped up or pulled apart for art, or even just out of curiosity?

What a fabulous Friday, enjoy your weekend…