Monday’s Musings…

What started out as a full on weekend, ended up being quite relaxing and wonderful. I had a fantastic shoot with a new client on Friday, it was such an amazing morning, full of fun and laughter. Jess and I had planned a day or shoots and ideas for an upcoming workshop, but the poor thing her car broke down and we ended up cancelling it, so she could get her car sorted out. So I pottered around and caught up on some editing, and paperwork. We then headed into St Kilda (Inner city) for a Winter Sunset shoot with some other photographers.

JuliePowell_St Kilda-21

There was a little bit of colour and it was very quick, it was also very busy and very cold and windy. So an hour or so was enough for my poor old bones, so we made our goodbyes and went to find some dinner. We found a lovely, albeit a tad pricey restaurant right on the beach, we had a lovely dinner out, a few Pimms and then headed up to curl up on the couch and some Netflix.

Sunday is a family day, as I work pretty much every other day, so there was a bit of a sleep in and pottering around, then we headed out for lunch and a coffee. Chatted with a friend on the phone, in lieu of a coffee in person, with a vow to catch up soon. Then some boring old grocery shopping and to catch up with Social Media messages, which seemed to have gone a little crazy since I put up Sneak Peek photos of my new client. First world problems, right?

This week will be a little crazy, and I have scheduled some posts, as I might be a bit absent over the next week or so, sorry about that. I have a personal pamper day and coffee with a friend booked for Friday, after what I am sure is going to be a stressful week at my day job, our MD just quit and we are all spinning. The I am teaching a Photoshop Beginners course on Saturday, then straight away driving to Werribee for a two-day invite only Photographic Workshop, which should be EPIC (strangely that is also the title for this workshop!) I won’t be home til Monday evening. Then back at work for a few days and then another full on weekend in the Studio.

So that’s it for me, I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo