One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure…right?

I have sitting in the corner of my Studio a big bucket of ‘junk’ thanks to Moth. For nearly 30 years he has been bringing home bits of scrap metal from work, that most people would throw in the bin. He used to collect and clean it up a bit and sell off for scrap metal at Christmas time, this was a sort of savings plan. When the children were small we had little money and this supplied us with holiday spending money and gifts for the children, a saving grace for us in a time of need. Now the children have grown up, and we have come into our own as it were, Moth still does it, but now we treat ourselves to a night out or a new ‘toy’. I frequently curse this bucket of bits for getting in my way…I mean it is only junk, right?

So I had a photography friend come to visit and spend the weekend, she curiously inspected the contents on the top of this bucket and asked what it was all for. “Junk?”  she said, “This is really cool, you should shoot with it” and she took some home and played with it. Moth and I quizzically looked at it in a new light, some of it was kind of cool and grungy and industrial…but in the right light and with the right staging…


JuliePowell_Cabbage Rose_Reflections-3

So I guess the moral of the story is, that even though you may think it is junk, someone else may think it is totally amazing. I know I have so many ‘treasures’ that people didn’t want anymore and I love them dearly.

~ Julz, xo