Winter Weekend Wanderings – Woodend, Tooborac and Heathcote

After leaving Trentham Falls on a Winters day out, we stopped at Woodend for Fish and Chips for lunch and to look around the area, we spotted a few historic landmarks including the historic Woodend Bridge, sadly with graffiti!

We then drove on to Tooborac via Lancefield, on the way to Heathcote, to visit a spot we have not been to before. McHarg Ranges. Giant marbles of granite boulders in green sheep fields, the whole area is dotted with them, but these ones were particularly fascinating. Sadly we could get no closer, as it is all private property, the owners, obviously very much sick of the tourist and have put up a large electric fence. Still a few photos from the side of the road…that’s fair game.

On the C326 at the Corner of Springs Plains Rd, is a fantastic old Woolshed and some vintage trucks, private property, but great photography stops, there is also a fabulous dry creek bed with interesting rock formations (on the other side of the road). This whole area is filled with interesting and varying rock formations, tumbled down houses and old farm machinery. Must be a Geologist’s dream, I know it is a photographer’s dream.

All too soon it was time to get moving again, we were still heading towards Heathcote and the Pink Cliffs, which I will leave until another post.

~ Julz