Winter Weekend Wanderings – Pink Cliffs, Heathcote

We recently took a drive out to North Central Victoria, aiming to stop at the Pink Cliffs in Heathcote late afternoon for a Winter Sunset with some other photographers. We arrived about 1.5 hours before sunset, the light was very flat, as there was so much cloud. Amazing diffused light, almost no shadows, the pink of these rocks really stood out, I have seen them before in bright sunshine and they did not have this lovely warm salmon pink tones. We wandered around, took some photos, met up with the other togs, but we did not stay for sunset, clearly with so much cloud it really was not going to be worth it, let alone Astro. So we had a quick catch up with a few people, then grabbed a coffee and headed back home to Melbourne (about 2 hours drive).

Really not much more to say, we had a lovely afternoon, but no sunset.

~ Julz