Winter Workshops – VPC Dark and Moody Fruit

I recently ran a Still Life workshop for my photography group, Victorian Photographers Collective. I enjoy the opportunity to give back to my community, as I have gained so much knowledge, insight, friendship and experiences through this group. The fact that I can offer 1/2 price workshops is a bonus for them as well.

Not much to say, it was the usual Dark and Moody Workshop, three stages, six participants in groups of two. I always like to add something new or different and I adore how to start with everyone is a little standoffish, and then they let loose, have fun and get creative.

Of course, I set up a few ideas to start them off, but tell them they are free to design their own sets and encourage them to do so. I am often surprised (nicely) at the creative staging that people come up with I may not have thought of myself.

There is also a behind the scenes video I created as well

~ Julz