The Key to My Heart

Have you ever been in love? Or been in love with the idea of love? The butterflies in your stomach threatening to escape. Your heart beating so loudly, you fear it can be heard in the next room?

The object of your affection and obsession walks into the room, you wish to hide and become invisible and at the same time declare your love with wild abandon. The vulnerability you feel when you hand them the key to your heart, your everlasting happiness. The breath catches in your throat, that one heartbeat feels as though it could last a lifetime. As though a single petal can float or plummet to the ground in equal measure and at the same time. Everything stands still and is so quiet you can hear the dust motes in the air. Will they accept your key, throw it away or worse, ignore you and walk in by as if they never knew you existed?

These are the moments a heart can soar or break into infinitesimal particles, never to be repaired again. Cold and dark and loveless or full of love, hope and joy. Who holds the key to your heart?

JuliePowell_Key to my heart-1
The Key to My Heart

MUA & Model – Karen Watson

Photographer – Julie Powell

~ Julz, xo