Monday Musings

I have been a little quiet and remiss in my postings of late, I must apologise and can only claim my current schedule. I did 5 photo shoots in 2 days, and several the week before, I am constantly stuck on the computer in editor mode, I have not been anywhere or done anything of note, let another photography wise. Sadly I see no let up in sight for a little while. In a Month I will be speaking at a Convention and will then take a few days off to visit with my daughter in Brisbane, so looking forward to that.

Tomorrow night we are booked into a private Sony camera clinic, which should be interesting, a few fellow photographers went to one a month or so ago, got to play with new cameras and lenses and learn all sorts of things…looking forward to that.

JuliePowell_Cabbage Rose_Light-9

Apart from that, not a lot to report, the household is slowly starting to settle into a new kind of routine, now Buddy is no longer with us. The vet dropped off a parcel with a lovely picture frame, a poem and a note expressing their sorrow for our loss. It was lovely, but of course, brought back the sadness & a few more tears. These animals bring such joy to our lives and break our hearts when we lose them. Chloe is devastated but enjoying the extra attention as the only dog.

Well, that is it from me, I will try and post a few sneak peeks from recent photo shoots soon.

~ Julz, xo