In the Studio – with a Private Eye

PIIt feels like forever since I did a really big Conceptual project in the Studio. As per usual it started months ago with a single image, this one, and it went from there. Costumes obviously had to be found, great red velvet 1930s style dress and fascinator, pearls and garter for my mysterious women (Of course it had to be a red dress), suit and overcoat for our Private Eye.

Then props, we found an old venetian blind on a dump pile and cleaned it up a bit (but not too much), The desk (well old table & chair), books I already had. We borrowed an old dial phone and an old typewriter. Then it was just scrounging up a few odds & sods from around the house.

Hayley and Ian were my Models, you might remember them from my Damsel in Distress back in March. These two are always so much fun, we were joined today for the first time on a concept shoot by my new Hair and Makeup Artist – Emily


I really wanted cinematic feel, as well as of course some dark and grungy Black and Whites. I love the freedom to play and explore. We worked predominantly with old barn door lights which I had bought for this type of Film Noir shoot, tricky, but I love the look. Not overly flattering for normal portraits. This first shot we had the light pointed at my two model through the old venetian blind to cast weird light and shadows.

JuliePowell_The Dectective-4

There are still so many more, but I am taking my time, enjoying the process, playing with different film styles from 1920s & 30s and cinematic effects.

~ Julz, xx