In the Studio – Gillian’s Sneak Peek

Another week, another client (or two) I adore showing some of the before and the after images, such a transformation, not only in looks, but in attitude and demeanor, they are so much more relaxed and confident by the end of the session.

Gillian is a Wife and Mother to three adult children, she migrated to Australia from Scotland 14 years ago, and is also an aspiring actress. Gillian is also a breast cancer survivor, even though the gene does not run in her family her sister and mother both have breast cancer as well. Gillian’s was caught super early thanks to Australian Breast Cancer screening and had her’s caught during a routine Mammogram, her other family members back home in Scotland are not faring as well, please join me in sending them good thoughts.

Gillian Sneak Peek

Have an amazing week…

~ Julz