Monday Musings…

A lovely quiet weekend, just what was required for my birthday weekend. Yes, I celebrated my 50 something birthday yesterday with little fanfare, I mean why bother, I just wanted to do something I enjoyed with people I loved. So Friday I did a few chores and bits and pieces, finished off items for our trip away this weekend, then I went to the hairdressers. Friday afternoon was a planned trip into the city to buy my birthday present (a camera lens of course!) only to find out it was out of stock, and a quick ring around found that it was stock everywhere 😦  so I will have to wait.

Saturday I enjoyed a rare morning completely to myself, had coffee outside in blissful Spring sunshine, hopefully, the sign of more to come.  In the afternoon we went and visited my Mum and Dad, Mum’s birthday is the day before mine, so we took some flowers and a few yummy bits for afternoon tea.

Sunday my love woke me with fresh coffee in bed, always a great way to wake up, we then went up into the hills with a friend, to spend the day wandering a few gardens and a yummy lunch.

First stop was Cloude Hill Gardens in Olinda, it is probably too early in Spring for many of the flowers, and we knew this, but it has been weeks since we had been anywhere at all and I was feeling a little cabin fever. Still, early Spring means Magnolia blossoms, I adore Magnolia!


We enjoyed a delightful slice of cake and coffee, before heading off to our next stop Pirianda Gardens, we found this last Autumn and knew I’d be back for the sheer number of Magnolia trees they had here, we were perhaps still a little early, mostly still just buds, but so, so pretty.


It wasn’t till I was looking at the images last night I realised that I had not noted which species each of the blooms were 😦 silly, but still lots of fun. Hubby got up close and personal with a kookaburra

I think I mentioned how my eldest daughter had a nasty fall at basketball, well after a few days of x-rays, ultrasound and scans, we managed to see a specialist and surgery isn’t required at this stage, but she is in a moon boot for several weeks and feeling very sorry for herself. Ruptured ligament and torn from the bone 😦 OUCH!!! She will survive, she is currently spending a few days at the boyfriends, (however I am not allowed to call him that). Honestly, what is it with these young adults these days, are they disillusioned by everything that they cannot even call what is obviously a relationship exactly what it is? They have been seeing each other for nearly a year, they are spending more and more time together. She went to the hospital for a small procedure the other week, he took her and looked after her, he is looking after her now, granted it is also his birthday this weekend, so a big party over there, but still. Is commitment such a dirty word?

This weekend is the big APS Conference, so we are flying up to Brisbane on Friday and will drive up to the Gold Coast from there, for my panel talk and keynote presentation, it still does not feel real…it’s possible it won’t until right before I walk out on stage and will probably be like HOLY SHIT!!! Still feels weird that people are paying good money to listen to me babble on about my art. I am looking forward to visiting Sea World on Monday and then, of course, spending a few days with my daughter and her husband and the grandchildren…ahem, I mean the cat and dog.

Well, that is it, I hope you all have an amazing week and will post some images I hope this week of yesterday’s outing.

~ Julz