Spring Outings – Cloudehill Revisited

Those that have been following me for a while will notice reoccurring places I visit, one such place is Cloudehill Gardens and Nursery in Olinda every Spring, this year we are a little early, too early as it turned out, not much bloom or colour, apart from a few early Magnolia and the Daffodils. Still, it was wonderful to get out and about, sadly no Spring blue sky today, but the rain and cold winds stayed at bay.

The sky was cloudy and the light was dull, I have seen this place in its full glory, you can look at images from the first time we went here.

It was lovely to see the early daffodils and magnolia and a few other blooms as well, most of the hedges and formal gardens are looking a little sad still. I really must come back in a month or so, when hopefully there is more in bloom and the warm sunny Spring days are upon us. Still, it was such a lovely way to spend my birthday, we even enjoyed a coffee and cake at the end of our visit, in the wonderful coffee shop.

~ Julz