Time for reflection

I am writing this while sitting in the plane on the way home. Hubby and I have been put on opposite ends of the plane, again, so I have a little time ro reflect on the last week. I am just flying back from a week up north in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A few days visiting my daughter, it’s still difficult saying goodbye and leaving her little family so far from us. We spent more time just being together than travelling this time. That doesn’t mean we did no sight seeing, we also caught up with my hubby’s nephew, who we have not seen in 20 or so years. But I will go into more detail later on this.

The reason for my trip was to be guest speaker and panelist for Australian Photographic Society annual Convention, up on the Gold Coast at HOTA. To say I was asked originally was a surprise, I am not a member. But they wanted an outside influence. I don’t really like public speaking all that much, but like anything, the more you do it, the less scary it becomes. I guess all my photography sessions with strangers, plus all my workshops have paved the way for this. Perhaps this is a natural progression, I actually do enjoy it, weird I know. Once I get over the fear, and I am talking about something I am passionate about it seems easier. I want to spend more time doing this sort of thing, plus teaching and mentoring me as well. I met several other photographers of course and struck up a friendship with one particular woman and a man, both of whom I have spoken at great lengths. I have been asked to be a mentor and I would like to really give this a go. I enjoy teaching, I really do, I am not entirely sure where this path will lead, but I need to be open to all possible paths. I am still working with my own business mentor and I am surprised how far I have come in such a short time. I realised with this latest convention that I could see where people were going wrong with their approach, because I had been doing it too. I can see where I was and where I need to be. My future for my business is just around the corner, it is literally happening now, its unfolding before me, I just jave to get out of my own way and stop sabotaging myself, I seem to do that often. Or I give up on myself as it all seema daunting and difficult, but in truth it was just me holding myself back. We creative types do that a lot, woman even more so apparently. Sorry guys but stats reveal women are harder on themselves especially in business than most men, we are the perfectionists and want everything just so before we think we can even attempt something, where as stats dictate the guys are all go on as little as 60% of perceived requirements of getting something done. Men will often apply for job positions when they don’t meet the criteria, where as women in general don’t. Men, or boys are brought up to take risks, girls are not. We are the homemakers and caregivers and want everything just so. I was raised to be whatever I wanted, but perhaps the belief that I could actually accomplish anything was not felt as strongly as I thought I needed. Maybe thats on me?

Anyway I am starting the next chapter of my life…a little reflection on the start of my journey so far is not a bad thing.

This image off the phone overlooking Brisbane. I’m coming in for landing, talk again soon…

Julz, xo