Furbaby Friday – Kira

Back in January, I visited my Daughter and her Husband in Brisbane, this is where I got to meet my Grandchildren (of sorts) this is Kira, an 11-month-old Leonberger, currently, weighs around 44kg. She is very sweet, but a real handful.

JuliePowell_Fur Babies-2


This first shot was taken at home, but the rest was done on a trip to Hervey Bay, in gorgeous sunny Queensland, Australia.

My, she has grown since we last saw her, see pics from Jan here. She is no longer a sweet cuddly pup (Not that I could really hold her anyway). It was so sweet when we arrived, yes she usually gets excited when people come to visit, but she truly went ballistic when we walked in the door and she smelled us, I really do think she remembered us, she launched straight into playtime with Moth and came straight to me for kisses and cuddles, she knew not to be too rough with me. As you can see she is already quite a big girl, by the time she is fully grown, she will be the size of a small horse! As we most large breeds, she is a gentle giant and a great big sook, not a mean bone in her body, just her sheer size and bulk, added to a disregard for personal space, makes her a very in your face dog 🙂 my daughter really needs to concentrate on her training.

~ Julz