Monday Musings…

A little calmer this week I hope, spent several days on the phone trying to get my head around the delightful aged care health system we have in Australia; if ours is one of the best in the world, god help everyone else – ours is a joke! Got my self so worked up and frustrated I ended up have one of my seizures, and I have been seizure free for a few years. My parents have been approved for care funding, but instead of giving to them now (when they need it) they may get it in 12-18 months, when it may be all quite mute! I honestly hope I don’t put my girls through all this.

Anyway on a much brighter note…

Cute as Candy Pink Princess

On Friday I did a creative studio session with Jess and a new Hair and Makeup Stylist, Emma Marietta. I must say Emma did a spectacular job; and yes REAL Sprinkles and Cake Topping decorations on Jess’ face. Candy, flowers, bubbles, Cupcake and Candy, such a fun shoot. Now just to edit them all.

Had another client shoot on Saturday morning, lovely lady, another actress from the same group of friends, also just need to edit those. I am still editing photos from my trip to Brisbane 😛 I have finished the Zombie Apocolypse images, so I hope to do a post with some of those soon.

I did spend a little bit of time relaxing, Hubby and I came home from Queensland with a headcold and even though I really on had the sniffles and a bit of a sinus headache, poor Moth has been sick with ‘Manflu’ – sorry guys but the battle is REAL! I re-watched both Johnny English films (Rowan Atkins) as the new one has just been released – now to go see it! Loved them both, such a cringe-fest of ridiculous calamity.

Sunday, we went back to Australia Gardens in Cranbourne for a Photography Group visit, bird photography, wildflowers and orchids and some macro. A little early for all the Spring Blooms, they seem to be quite late this year, but it has not been very warm of sunny, apart from a few days.


Not much else to say, need to get head down and bum up editing, will post a few pics soon. I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz