Weekend Wanderings – Mount Tamborine

On a recent trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia I was a guest speaker at a photography convention, Moth had free time to himself and visited a few places including the Swell Sculpture festival (I am still to see the photos) and a few waterfalls and such. He visited one such waterfall up at Mount Tamborine, sadly not much water, but he saw a sigh and a few creations for the Mount Tamborine Scarecrow Festival, which ended that afternoon. We thought it sounded like lots of fun, so he picked me up and we drove out there on my afternoon off.

I am not really sure of the idea behind it, but there were loads of them, mostly made from straw and anything lying around, some were awful, but these ones were kind of cool. We also stopped off for Gluten Free & Dairy Free Fudge, Dairy Free ice-cream and of course, coffee. We then stopped at this awesome lookout to watch the sunset, but there was so much fog or haze or mist (Not really sure what it was) that the scenery was blocked out and there was no real sunset, but a lovely way to end the day.

~ Julz