Weekend Wanderings – Hervey Bay, QLD

We recently visited my Daughter and Son in Law in Brisbane for a few days, so wonderful to see blue skies and feel warmth and sunshine, Queensland is an oasis from the Winter/Spring cold of Melbourne, and even just a few days in shorts and a T-shirt was wonderful, not to mention being able to hug my daughter.

Our first full day together, my daughter suggested we head off to Hervey Bay, this is actually quite a distance from Brisbane, but we have never been. So we packed the dog in the car, and our camera gear and headed off.

Not sure how much the dog liked the 3-hour car ride, but she loved the beach, as did we, gorgeous turquoise water and the pier at Urangan went on for miles, so long, but dogs were not allowed on any of the piers or jetties so we did not walk them, just up and down the beach.

JuliePowell_Hervey Bay-22

There was a busker (I did not grab a photo) who was playing folk songs on a guitar and a fantastic cafe (which was dog-friendly) for a long lunch overlooking the bay. Fabulous spot, despite the 7 hours we spent in the car getting there and back.

The week following our visit was school holidays and I bet this sleepy little beach town would be packed and quite lively, but on this day we pretty much had the beach to ourselves, a few fishermen off the jetty.

We also visited a few other beaches along this stretch of the Coast, Fraser Island (A wildlife sanctuary) was nearby, but we could not visit this trip because of the dog, but perhaps another time, I have heard it is fabulous.

Now we took many photos, so we were happy, my daughter? Well, she proposed the trip in order to catch a rare Pokemon character (Yes Pokemon Go is still a thing!)that lurked these parts…but sadly it never turned up. Oh well she may have to make another trip as well.