Furbaby Friday – Malfy

Last week I did a post updating my grandbaby (fur baby type) dog Kira, such a big beautiful, sweet girl. So this week it is the cat’s turn. Malfy has just turned one and he is a Blue Russian Crossbreed. Quite sweet, but quite aloof as many cats are, still he gave me a kiss and a cuddle each and every morning, I swear these guys were mere babies when we were here in January, but they still remember us, or the smell or the loving memories associated with that smell, both were super excited, more than normal for visitors and both ran straight up to us, NOT normal for the cat.

He is still so sweet, but is not as cuddly as he was as a kitten, and can still be a bit of a terror, something he will no doubt grow out of before our next visit.

You can see the photos I took of Malfy as a kitten back in Jan here.

~ Julz