Monday’s Musings…

I am exhausted, every muscle in my body aches and my feet are so sore, but I just had the BEST Weekend. The last few weeks have been a bit trying, I was so looking forward to this weekend away. Two Photographers, two models, one hair and make-up artists, one full day (and evening) of awesome shoots and two half days of fun. Creativity & imagination pushed to its limits, so many awesome themed styles, barely time to sit. LOVED every minute of it.

I took over 800 images plus video, this is going to take a while to sort through my favs, we had powder cannons, smoke emitters (bombs), fake blood, medieval, cosplay, boudoir, conceptual, fairy-tale and others jammed in there too. Here is a few sneak peek images…

Blade – Frozen in Time
Blade – Medieval Princess Warrior
Jess – Goldilocks
Jess – In Bed with Marylin

Not much else to say at this point, just have to go through the images and video.

Last week I wrote a post about nearly 2,000 followers, thank you to everyone I am now sitting at 2,004…how exciting. I wish I had that many followers on my Facebook and Instagram Pages, feel free to pop over and like them too!

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You may ask why I have so many accounts, well my personal ones are more family and friends, the Photography one is more Portraits and the Digital Artistry, well that is I guess everything else.

More fun and excitement on the card this week, more creative fun, some boudoir and a new client.

Whatever you do, have an awesome week…

~ Julz, xo