Weekend Wanderings – Glass House Mountains

Technically the title is incorrect it was a Thursday and not a weekend, it was not really a long holiday as such either, 3 days is more like a long weekend, so I will stick with Weekend Wanderings.

We had been visiting with my daughter for a few days in Brisbane, this was our last full day here and she had to work in the afternoon, so opted to catch up with one of Moth’s nephews, we had not seen in a very long time. We also wanted to see the Glass House Mountains again, our last visit had been in the rain. The Nephew was driving down from Nambour and this was halfway from Brisbane. A beautiful spot for a wander and a long lunch overlooking the vista before us.


It was suggested we check out the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Rainforest Discovery Centre, there is a small rainforest walk (not terribly long or exciting, to be honest), but the view of the rear side of the Glass House Mountains was great, alas heavy mist was moving in again obscuring some of the views.


We then moved on from there and dropped into a few various spots for views, including Gardners Falls, an obscure little spot, possibly only known to locals, we heard about it from nephew, and took a chance the water was flowing, not a raging cascade, but very pretty in the late afternoon warmth, a few brave souls had been swimming and a family was busy setting up a picnic as we were leaving.

This area is mostly in drought and to see some water moving was great, Moth had visited a few waterfalls in the previous days, but little water was flowing.

~ Julz