Out of the Studio – AMCA Vs the Zombies

Yes, you read correctly Zombies!!! Let’s jump back a few months…I was contacted about possibly doing some behind the scenes photography and possibly some artwork for a small budget Indie Film, about a Zombie Apocolypse…yes another one (these films and TV shows seem to be all the rage). I must admit I did think about it for a while and then decided it could be interesting, fun and a great experience, so I said yes. I was then asked if I could bring a second shooter – sure Moth is great with a camera these days and lets’ face it Zombies and Action movies was his thing, not mine.

The only problem was it was the weekend after being in Brisbane, so we cut our trip short to come home and shoot this, now THAT’s commitment…or should I say we should be committed? lol

We rose at 5am, it was a two-hour drive to Wonyip, in Gippsland, makeup started at 8am, we wandered around getting familiar with cast and crew, rather large tanks (yes REAL Tanks), I took BTS photos of equipment and cast getting ready, makeup artists and actors.

There was also a LOT of standing around and not doing much, with the sporadic burst of adrenalin and action. We had big tanks, live ammunition, ammunition and safety experts, we had actual army guys, as well as Cosplayers and actors. So much kit, it was amazing. Running ankle deep through mud and native bushland was exhausting but fun. So much fake blood and laughter with the Zombies, gross but cool. The videographers were great guys too, so much camaraderie, we were really made to feel part of the team.

The live ammunition firing made me jump, so loud – even with ear protection, the blast from the tank canon almost knocked me off my feet, I was not quite prepared for the physical air blast it made, all good, no injuries, except for one zombie who wrestled an army dude too much and scraped his elbow on a rock πŸ™‚ so he actually had real and fake blood lol

From the time we left home to the time we arrived back there, it was 13 hours, longer than I have ever shot and travelled for (apart from maybe that one wedding), it was exhausting and I fell into bed early that night. Guess what I dreamed about? Yep, you guessed it, Zombies…go figure!

Someone made the comment about how I get all the fun, but I put myself out there, I take chances (sometimes BIG Chances – like this movie), but I often get great rewards. You just never know what the next opportunity is. I often talk about ‘Sliding Door’ moments – there have been so many. Add to that I work hard, really hard and am forever trying to build my business and further my career, not everyone wants to do that, I totally get it, just don’t complain when doors don’t get opened for you and random opportunity doesn’t land in your lap. It just doesn’t work that way – I wish it did.

I hope you have an amazing week, I am off on another adventure this week…

~ Julz, xo