Monday Musings…

I actually got to spend some time at home this weekend, it was lovely to just sit for 5 minutes here and there. Not that I spent much time relaxing I had a few clients scheduled and a mountain of washing and housework to catch up on, it never seems to end does it? I wish I had a cleaning fairy!

I am still editing what feels like a million photos from the last few weeks. I still have not gone through all the images from Queensland yet, but paying customers come before my own happy snaps!

I would love to say I have been out enjoying the Spring sunshine and I have from time to time, but no gardens or such this week, just my own (which is sorely in need of some TLC too!) Maybe I might get to them next weekend, I actually have the whole of next weekend off, which is a rare treat indeed.

Not much else to report, just plugging away at a huge backlog of edits 🙂 I hope you have an amazing week.

~ Julz, xo