Out of the Studio – The Lake with Blade

I did a post recently about MacArthur Park, I was lucky to have the superb weather for this shoot with Blade Whittaker. We shot on the edge of a small lake, we had also done a brief session in the studio, but the weather was too gorgeous to be inside. I had this idea in my head for a particular shot, which failed spectacularly, but there was such a fun story…I had to share.

I had been given a wedding dress from a bride, who had me under instruction to ‘trash the dress’ after her marriage failed. I had grand plans, Blade spent a few hours in hair and makeup, pearls and diamonds (fake of course) were stuck all over her face, pale ice-queen makeup and hair, I wanted her to stand knee deep in water and then fire a blue powder canon at her. Now I have never used a powder canon before and was not quite prepared for what happened next. We had the shot all ready, cameras all focused, (I really should have had mine on a tripod), I fired the canon, SO LOUD! I terrified a duck in the lake, at first I thought I had hit him with the plastic cap, but he was all good just startled, all the other birds were equally unimpressed and must have thought I was coming after them with a gun! The blue powder gloriously shot out and was immediately captured by the slight breeze and missed my target, it was also over so quick, I never got the shot!!!!!!!!!

Sadly I got nothing, zilch, zip, nada :-(, just a slight haze of blue in the bottom corner! Oh dear, well I learnt something for next time. The dress was quite trashed from not only all the mud, but trying to get it clean!

~ Julz

P.S. Will follow up with another Lady of the Lake post soon.