Monday Musings

Day 3 of a 5 day weekend, sadly on Friday evening I came down with a really saw jaw, by Friday night the whole side of my face was swollen, Saturday morning I spent in a Walk-In Medical Clinic, as my own doctor’s surgery was fully booked, these are great, but often have long queues – 2 hours later I had a diagnosis of an infected gland in my neck, some anti-biotics and referral for an Ultrasound to check it’s not a blockage, sadly due to Public Holidays I cannot get that done till Wednesday 😦 Two days later it is slowly improving and I can eat and drink again, but nothing cold.


I have been spending a little bit of time playing with my Macro Lens and I just adore it, so versatile.

I have a shoot today and tomorrow, which should be awesome, Jess is visiting me again and this time bringing her son, Birthday Boy Connor, he is turning 5 today! Connor is Autistic and has never had a Professional Portrait shoot done apart from Santa…this could be interesting. I have worked miracles with a few special needs kids before, so hopefully, I can get something special again to mark this milestone.

We had Halloween during the week, which in Australia is not such a big deal, but apparently more so during the week. If it’s a weekend and the weather is nice we get more door knockers.


Also, my Water Lillies in the front fish pond are in flower and my fish are getting so big!

Well not much else to say for the moment, I’m off to have another coffee, lazy morning, before Jess gets here with Connor. I hope you all have an amazing week,

~ Julz, xx