Re-Writing Goldilocks

Even when I was a child, Goldilocks was known as a bit of a troublemaker, we already know this, yet she is still treated as a beloved fairy-tale. I was not aware of just HOW bad she got in this day and age. No longer sweet little girl in a simple yellow frock and blonde braids. This girl is all grown up and has a bit of a beef with the bear!

You all know Jess, and on a recent girls weekend away, Jess wanted to play up a few characters and bought a few costumes, one such was Goldilocks and I bought a big bear. It was done in two stages, relatively nice Goldi on day one (HMUA by Emma Marietta) and then evil Goldi on day two.

Oh poor Ted, what has she done to you?

Side note – Jess had never tasted fake blood before and was not aware just how bad it was (so, so funny) and fake blood is more difficult to get off fur than I realised!

~ Julz