Echoes of the Past…

Not so long ago I wrote a post on my Facebook page about Old Family Photos.

As we get older the connection to out past often becomes more important, I have no idea of why that is? Talking to some clients lately, I have come to the understanding that most of them have very few photos of their grandparents, almost none have great-grandparents or even before that.

I don’t have a lot of images of my maternal Grandparents, save a copy of their wedding photo and one when my children were small. I have next to nothing of my paternal grandparents, especially my grandfather.

Looking back at those images the formal ones were fantastic, but often so stern, I guess they took this having a professional photo taken seriously, not like these days, when just about everyone has a digital camera, especially on their phone, and it means a lot more candid photos are taken, usually a lot more BAD candid photos lol.

Some people are lucky, photographs were a very important part of the family culture, and they have several treasured photos, spanning different generations. Do you have lots of photos of your family? What about great-grandparents, or even older? What photos do you have, and any precious memories attached to them?

And I posted the photo on the left of my Maternal Grandparents’ wedding photo, I am not sure if this started something or complete coincidence, but my Aunt started going through old boxes and photo albums and began posting them on Facebook. One of the images (apart from one of me in an Apricot, 80’s, big hair, big dress Bridesmaid photo at my brother’s wedding – OMG) was a lovely wedding photo of my Paternal Grandparents (on the right), so now I have both. My Grandmother ‘Queenie’ is wearing a gold arm bracelet, which I wore at my wedding and my daughter wore at hers (I believe my cousins all wore it too), it’s a beautiful family treasure and it is wonderful to have a photo of her wearing it.

Just goes to show, ask the universe for that which you want and you will receive (within reason – I still have not got the winning Lotto numbers)

Do you have photos of your Grandparents or even Great Grandparents?

~ Julz, xo