In The Studio – Jess and Connor

Now you all know Jess, she sits for me all the time, but I bet you never knew she has a Son? This is Connor, he was diagnosed earlier this year with Autism and can be a handful for single mum Jess. Jess said she had not had any really nice professional photos of Connor since he was about 2-years old, due to possible a lack of understanding and patience on the behalf of any photographers.

Connor Sneak Peek

I, on the other hand, have worked with a few kids on the spectrum and know you need to get on their level, NOT treat them like little kids or babies and engage them with something of interest. I am not saying these sessions are easy, they can be fraught with tantrums and tears, but once you gain their trust and attention the connection and the smiles are pure gold.

I have never actually met Connor before that day, but I believe we will be friends now, as I am with Hayley’s son Liam, who also has Autism.

JuliePowell_Jess & Connor--17

These kids do have an imagination and a sense of whimsey, it is just a little different from the norm, but then again, so am I 🙂

Jess and & I thought as he had enjoyed dressing up as Dracula for Halloween, we might try a Steampunk theme, the hat was a little too big, but so cute when we finally did convince him to wear it. Also, it was Connor’s 5th Birthday, such a lovely little present for his family, beautiful, professional portraits of him, happy, engaged and smiling.

~ Julz