Monday Musings…

Photography wise I have not been up to much at all, apart from starting up a new online Still Life Class, last week was the first week, I had such a fabulous response, it’s not too late to join if you wish, I have a few people from WordPress joining in as well.

My Sunday Stills

This weekend I spent doing videos, posts and blog stuff, as well as playing with a few bits and pieces (side note, I have noticed due to the videos I have been doing I say Bits and Pieces a LOT – really need to watch that lol). Hubby worked most of the weekend, so it is difficult to organise any outings, so stayed mostly at home and caught up on housework, paperwork, I made another Digital Photo Book, have done a few now, and a little bit of Netflix thrown in. I watched two different Christmas movies this weekend, Netflix make their own, very kitsch and very predictable, but I enjoyed them both, especially Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell, if that’s Santa – call me a believer again! (You’ll understand if you watch it lol)

I finally got my new wide angle lens on Friday, the weather has been awful and I just haven’t been inspired to try it out, sounds silly doesn’t it, I waited months for it to arrive and it is just sitting there in the box, but I will get to it soon. No fun playing with it in the backyard, but perhaps I might have to until we can go somewhere to practice.

It’s quite difficult to get my head around the fact that next week is the beginning of December, where did this year go? How about you? I guess we should be putting up the tree and all the decorations next weekend, we’ll see, last year we did nothing…but then again we hosted NO Christmas affairs last year and will host a few this year. I find I am lacking the Christmas spirit the last few years, there are no little kids around and I won’t even have my youngest daughter around again this year. Still, love goes on, right?

I bought myself some lovely Sunflowers and they are sitting on the kitchen bench, brightening up the room, they are so nice.

Oh well, that’s about it for this week, a bit of a quiet one, but have lots of posts scheduled from last weekends adventures and before that as well. I hope whatever you do you have an amazing week…

~Julz, xo