Spring Outings -Donna Buang Rain Forest Gallery

We went out for the day with a friend, to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, initially, we were going to visit Warrantina Lavender Farm as it was their open day, we arrived to complete chaos, as they were still setting up market stalls and to be honest there was very little colour. So we opted to find other adventures and drove from Wandin over to Healsville, to visit the market. Now Healesville has two monthly markets, a huge won at the racecourse, which is one of the best I have ever seen, crafts, artisans, junk, trash and treasure, food and produce stalls, and then there is the small trash and treasure market. Guess which one was on when we visited? Yep, of course, the small one, lol. Oh well win some, you lose some.

So we grabbed a coffee from a local bakery and wandered around. I picked up some homemade doggy treats for Miss Chloe (apparently they were yummy), I found a new vintage bottle and a small brass bowl, perfect for my Still Life photography. Not sure what else to do and only by now mid-morning, we decided to head back over to Warburton, as it was not far away.

We did several of the craft markets and bought a few other bits and pieces as well, I love the crafts shops in the smaller country towns, such an amazing array of goodies, Moth eventually dragged me and Sue out of their and we grabbed a very yummy lunch and Three Spoons Cafe, bit of a town icon. Now totally refreshed and looking for more adventure we decided to visit the nearby Donna Buang Rain Forest Gallery, which is not an art gallery, but a walk amongst the rainforest on elevated platforms. It was actually getting quite warm 27°C, so being inside the forest canopy was lovely and cool. We visited here a few years ago, in the middle of Winter Read Here

Not quite as lush and green as last time, needs more rain, as most of Victoria does. As it had been such a huge weekend for us already, we decided to head home, there were still household chores to do before starting another working week.

~ Julz