Mondays Musings…

What started off as a slow week, ended up quite busy. Jess joined me in the studio for an impromptu photo shoot, I wanted to try some different lighting and posing, I have only just discovered Emily Soto and some of her work really spoke to me and I wanted to just play. I had been having a really ‘meh’ week, no enthusiasm, things sucked for a variety of reasons and I just need to play with some pretty things in the studio, and Jess loves a good dressup; tutus, tiaras, flowers crowns, pretty things. The sun was shining and it was so warm, we took advantage of my jasmine is in bloom.

Julie Powell_Jasmin

My Sunday Stills class is going great guns, now with 20 members and the work these photographers are turning out only after 3 weeks is truly amazing, I am so proud I started this little group, I would love to see it expand in 2019.

Saturday I spent working on class stuff and edits and a few bits and pieces, enjoy the warm weather. A friend and I went to a dusk Crafters Market and then we went to dinner with my Hubby, a few margaritas, quite a few!

Sunday was a lovely day with a Christmas lunch get together, with one of my camera groups, new and old friends, loads of laughs, catching up, meeting new people and a Secret Santa, with lots of thieving and swapping…last year I ended up with a ukelele – I fared much better with a gift voucher this year, to somewhere I will actually use it.

We then visited historic Schwerkoft Cottage, we had never been before and tried out my new beaut wide angle lens. Honestly, you would think Photographers would not get in each others way so much and the talking look at them all lol.


I actually have a job tonight, something completely different, and a little scary/exciting, but more on that (maybe) later.

I hope you have an awesome week, hard to believe it’s December already.

~ Julz, xo