Spring Outings – Sunset at Powlett River

We were invited to photograph sunset at the Mouth of Powlett River in Daylston, along the Bass Coast, we have never been there before and photos of rocks, moss, and surf looked wonderful, how could we say no? So we met everyone in the carpark and walked the 600-700m along the river’s edge to the beachhead. The tide was out, and the river was down, so we managed to walk on the hard damp sand all the way, as opposed to the sandy tracks (not great for my knees and hip) to the water’s edge.

Of course lugging, tripod, and all the camera gear as well. Some brave souls crossed the river (water coming to just below the knees), I didn’t trust myself, my track record around water is not very good. I stayed on my side of the river. The sun was shining but the wind coming off the water was cold and quite fierce, sadly no real clouds to speak off as the sun sunk lower to the horizon.


We stayed for about one hour, and still, the sun had not set, we were cold and hungry and I was actually in considerable pain, with still the long walk back to the car, so we left before the sunset and opted to head home. I sound like such a sook and crybaby, writing it out like that, but it had already been a huge day. The others fared no better than us either. We had planned on perhaps trying a bit of Astro Photography, but the moon had risen early and we decided against that too.

So after a very long, but enjoyable day out we headed back home, to get ready for another day trip planned for the next day, but that is for another post.

~ Julz