In the Studio – A New Muse, Emily Soto

I recently came across a new photographic muse – Emily Soto, but not the stuff on her current website, but the deviant art linkthe stuff you find on Google images, what she frequently refers to as her California images (as opposed to her current New York images which and more often B&W and much grungier). So soft and dreamy, surreal and magical, ethereal. I cannot quite put my finger on exactly what, but she spurred my creative side, sparked my imagination and I really needed to explore some lighting and styling and things.

Julie Powell_Jasmin

Perhaps not the same stylings as hers, but I guess my take on her style. I asked Jess to come and play for the day, it was such a lovely warm day we took advantage and went outside in the gardens, something I rarely do. We also did some studio work too. It actually got quite hot under the studio lights so the new AC unit finally got put to use, it was wonderful not to be hot while working! Emily works with a lot of flowers, so I did Jasmine and Protea and Wisteria. I felt joyful while creating, no real plan as such, just creation and go with the flow.

These are from the Wisteria collection, I will need to finish editing the others, I am taking my time and savouring the edit on each and every one of them.

~ Julz