Share Your World – 11th December 2018

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What’s the worst topping you could put on popcorn? Pineapple? I have no idea I think there are lots of things you can or perhaps shouldn’t put on popcorn. I like butter and salt or honey, maple syrup. Chilli flakes and salt, but not too much? So why did I say pineapple? I honestly have no idea, but I figure it would make the popcorn soggy?

In what country did Silent Night originate? I always thought it was German, perhaps Austrian? I guess I have never really thought about it. I guess I could Google it?

(WARNING! The following question is NOT meant to start a fuss.  It’s merely a good discussion question in my opinion.  Most everyone knows where I stand on this. If you feel like arguing about it, please give it a pass.) We’re all adults and sensible ones at that.  We can be mature about such things, right?

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? How about if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist? 

A/ wouldn’t bother me, don’t really believe in all that stuff, I can’t say I DON”T believe in a higher power as such, I just don’t think wrapping it all up in a deity explains much or everything.

B/ If it was proven beyond a doubt – then I would have some Serious questions, starting with “WTF MAN?????????”

And last question:

What is the scariest non-banned item you could take on to a plane? Again I am not totally sure, I would not take my dog, she would totally drive me nuts…really drawing a blank on this one.


Which version of the holiday celebration do you and your family enjoy?  By this I mean do you follow Jewish traditions with Hanukkah; Christian celebrations with Christmas and (for those over the pond) Boxing Day; or some other festivities that I’ve overlooked?   Please do share with everyone!  I truly feel that this sort of question lets us know a little more about our fellow bloggers without getting too personal (i.e. revealing too much of private lives, which some folks prefer to keep private.)

Sadly Christmas and by extension Boxing Day used to be celebrated and a cause for excitement in my house, but these days not so much, sure we put up some decorations and a tree (fake), but there are no presents this year. My youngest daughter will not be with us again. There are no kids and it just seems to be a chance to catch up with people (most of which I have not seen since last Christmas), so I am only seeing close friends and my parents. It will be a quiet one, and I think I am OK with that.


I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xx