In the Studio – Cleopatra

I was recently asked to visit another studio on the other side of town for a Cleopatra/Egyptian themed photographic shoot. I am sure if you have been following my blog for a while you will know I have a love of ancient Egypt and it is a major bucket list item, I hope to one day visit…how could I say no? And the model? Well, none other than my Jess…

Julie Powell_Cleo-3

The stage was fairly simple, a chair and small table covered in gold cloth with some antique looking goblets, a candelabra (not in shot) and our models. As radiant and stunning as Jess was, she was totally upstaged by our other model, Miss Daisy du Cati. Daisy is a Tonkinese 2-year-old who did an amazing job, not new in front of the camera, but definitely new to actual modelling and in front of so many strangers.

There was five of us shooting and as much as I had fun, I do not always play well with others in the studio lol. I am SO used to shooting on my own. I do not wish to have the same shots as everyone else and I like things set up, just so. That so much was not a problem, as I was there to keep everything a little more organised and come up with ideas for lighting, staging etc.

I sadly could not stay for the whole day, as I had to get home for a very special birthday party that night. This group shot after I left with another theme as well. Perhaps another time I may head back over there.

~ Julz