Summer Outings – Lal Lala Falls

The East Coast of Australia has been experiencing record rainfalls this past week, some areas more so than others, but we did not miss more than our fair share in Victoria, so on the way home from a studio shoot in Ballarat we decided on a little detour to Lal Lal Falls, about 20 mins from Ballarat. We had never been before as it is often dry, but figured with all the rain we had had it would be flowing…we were WRONG. The whole area looked very dry, apart from a few scattered puddles still in low spots.

Locals assure me this area needs LOTS of rain over many days to have it flowing, oh well, I am sure we will be back down this way again, one day. Miss Chloe enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time 🙂

~ Julz, xo